Call Alice Silverman “The Paint Lady”

Creative Interiors Founder Launches a New Business Dedicated to Paint Selection!

Alice Silverman, interior designer and owner of Creative Interiors, Creative Staging Specialists, Decorate-in-a-Day Inc. and The Decorating M.D has added a new business – The Paint Lady – to her successful repertoire. The newest business focuses solely on guiding people through the sometimes overwhelming task of picking out paint, and enables them to hire a professional designer on a smaller scale and budget. She has numerous clients throughout Westchester and Fairfield Counties, New York City and Sarasota, FL.

With 35 years of experience under her stylish belt, Silverman is filling a need she has seen for the last few years. Her most frequently asked questions revolve around which color of paint to use and what type of finish. The demand is often for paint only, and sometimes for just one room. “Paint has the biggest bang for your buck,” she says. “It’s a relatively simple facelift that adds instant value to the home and to its owners! Sprucing up, making your rooms look fresh and crisp gives an uplift to most people. You can change your color palette with a few carefully chosen colors and be as bold and creative as you want.”

As The Paint Lady, Silverman visits locations to assess existing elements, taking into consideration fabric and furniture, art, flooring, etc. for interior paint projects. Clients are provided with a detailed paint chart with color suggestions for walls and trim with swatches to save and/or forward to the painters. She has numerous painting contractors to recommend if her clients need them.

Silverman has worked in decorating since she was a teenager. Through the years, she has established herself as a force in the world of interior design, launching one successful business after another. Her collection of services offers clients every level of service and price point. Her initial venture, Creative Interiors which she began in 1983, is a full-service interior design firm for residential and commercial projects. Through Creative Staging Specialists, she uses her expertise as a licensed realtor to prepare houses to sell. Decorate-in-a-Day Inc. is a consulting business for giving direction to do-it-yourselfers and The Decorating M.D. addresses specific decorative and design problems virtually. She often finds people segue from one specific and narrow scope of service (e.g. the selection of paint colors, or consulting) to a more expanded one (e.g. Creative Interiors).

“The art of making things beautiful has been my passion since I was a girl,” she says. “I want to give everyone access to making their space comfortable and a happy improvement with taste and style no matter what their budget is.”

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