How to Decorate in a Day

No, there are no ingenious teams of contractors and decorators who ring your doorbell and pronounce that ‘your miserable and unfortunate home has been chosen to fix up’. Nor are there truck loads of new curtains, rugs, furniture and chotchkies waiting in the driveway to be placed by energizer bunnies who run around like crazy in every room. First they destroy and then they replace. In the course of a few hours magic has happened while the owner and their hordes of children are out shopping at Target. The family returns home in shock and crying out of appreciation. Everybody hugs and kisses. A hearty round of “Goom by ya” is enjoyed by all. I trust you’ve all seen these shows. And please remember that if something seems too good to be true it usually is!

Decorate in a Day
Your life doesn’t need to qualify as being pathetic to use our Decorate in a Day service! For those of you old enough to remember the early days of TV there was a show called ‘Queen for a Day’ where different women in the audience were chosen to tell America their sob stories and were rewarded with things like a new washing machine. With Decorate in a Day everyone qualifies, no restrictions. All you need is a willingness to improve the look and comfort of your rooms without a large commitment, a lot of time, or a lot of money. It grew out of our many years of running our full scale interior design service for residential and commercial interiors (which is still a very active business) when we saw a need and decided to fill it. Not everyone wants to spend a substantial budget, many months, and have a crew of contractors in their space which is often part of what’s necessitated. Yet they want the skill of an experienced, qualified decorator. Taste is part of the equation. Knowing great sources is another. Understanding scale and proportion, where to spend good money and where to save it, are all pieces of the pie required to achieve a successful project. We’ve found over the years (we incorporated in 1983) that our clients often have some of these abilities but not all. We have it all and share our knowledge with you – sometimes gently, sometimes persuasively.

Within the course of 2-3 hours we talk with our clients first to ascertain their needs and problems. For example: What doesn’t work for you? What do you like? What don’t you like? What’s your vision? What monies are realistic for us to use? What’s your time frame? We discuss furniture arrangements, colors, window treatments, accessories, and other aspects of the room besides how the room we’re focusing on relates to the adjoining rooms. We make suggestions and encourage our clients to take prolific notes. We’re happy to use their computer or ours to show them online stores and merchandise we recommend they get. They’re welcome to purchase on their own with our direction or we’ll do the buying and make arrangements on their behalf. Our fee is $750. plus sales tax depending on the state. We deliver a positive experience packed full of useful ideas and information.

Our mantra is to consider our clients’ taste, lifestyle and budget. We recommend strongly not to compound a problem. If you know something in your room/s is really wrong, don’t try to keep decorating around it. Oftentimes its best to bite the bullet and fix the problem before it gets ‘bigger and worser’. (I taught elementary school for 5 years!!!!)

We look forward to working with you, and thanks for reading.

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