Interior Decorating for Generations

During the course of my lengthy career I’ve been very fortunate in several ways.  I’ve had clients who have recommended me to work with their children as well as their parents!  For example, my friends Beth and David have hired me to decorate every room in their home.  This process went on for many years during which their kids went from teenagers to marrieds.  They watched the renovations unfold, had to move out of their own rooms, deal with the mess of plumbers, electricians and the like while they also had to move to another bathroom down the hall. They thought their old bathroom was just fine and couldn’t understand the wisdom of redoing it – until it was done and they both proclaimed it “drop dead”!

When some of them got married and bought their own homes Auntie Alice was called on to decorate my friends’ grandbaby’s room.  I felt ancient.

Beth’s mom Sylvia lived in Dutchess County NY in the 1980′s.  She had a pair of loveseats she had inherited from her older sister. She also wanted new draperies and wallcoverings for her home.  She and I worked well together for several months.  At some point during the process I suggested she put the loveseats she kept in the attic in to the living room.  She confessed she hated the fabric on them.  She asked me to have my wonderful upholsterer Alex redo them in a peach fabric with small butterflies.  Years later she gave them to Beth who hated peach with butterflies.  Alex reupholstered them in a green tone on tone stripe. He went to her house to measure and estimate the yardage required. Again. Five or so years later we redecorated the library where the loveseats had resided up until that time; green would not work anymore.  By this time Alex knew the measurements by heart and could give me his labor price on the phone.  The most recent incarnation is chocolate brown silk with small Napoleonic bees.  Stay tuned………….

Four reupholstery jobs on the same furniture in a 30 year time span for 3 generations.  If Beth decides to reupholster those two loveseats again I think I’ll suggest she give them to one of her daughters.  I know their lines so well I feel like the pieces are in MY family!  I’m lucky to be trusted to do so much work for everyone.  However if I’m truthful I’ll say that I’m sick of redoing those particular loveseats.  Next step – replacement.  It’s enough!

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