My Couch is Rejecting Me

After a long awaited delivery of a custom made sofa my client called me, very upset. “What’s wrong?” I asked as soon as I heard her voice. “Well, the couch looks great, I love the fabric, it fits perfectly in the room and compliments all the fabrics and the draperies”. “Well then, what’s the problem?”


I’ve been a designer for many years, and I’ve heard several complaints, (both real and imagined), all of which could be remedied. But this one was unique. “What exactly do you mean” I asked.

“Well, I can only sit on the front part, I can’t scooch into the back of the cushion.”

“It’ll ease up as time goes on; it’s made to be firm at first. If it was mushy at the outset it would become a pancake within a short period of time.”

“I have a suggestion: I’ll ask my wonderful upholsterer Alex to go to your house and remove some of the stuffing.”

“Terrific, she said. Do I get a refund?”

An easily resolved issue that remains an interesting memory.

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